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I love to organize, file, label, consolidate, recycle, etc. Anything that makes space for living beings to create, share, grow, accend. I stopped adding salt to my food when I was 20, at 49 my blood pressure is 92 over 74 pulse 64. It's nice to know that I can throw a tizzy fit and not keel over from a heart attack. I was an eleventh grade drop out, but self taught myself into a 45k career, resigned and got my GED in 2007. Although unemployed, I exercise logistic skills to improve the household economics, not create expense. Putting the effort in at home first, reveils realistic employment requisites. Time is money. Making money or cutting costs feels the same on the body. It's all about living within one's means. It is said "You can't take it (materialism) when you go". Heck, one could loose it all these days. Now I understand the advice "Prioritize your time". Personal development is the sustenance for a progressive & purposeful life.
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It sums up my entire being, my lifestyle, my friendships, interests, etc. My mind wants to know everything so my body can create and my soul can soar. Unforunately, my lifespan could never encompass the spectrum of the endeavor. All I succeed in doing is driving people nuts. I must have been that bratty little kid with the terminal "Why?"
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To me, when used to draw attention to something substantial, it takes on a meaning synonomous with the word "unlikely" or worse "never"; when used to highten the importance of a detriment or impending disaster it becomes synonomous to "inevitable". Yet there is another usage that evokes the equalibrium my analytical mind craves endlessly -when "potetial" is used in the interest of Marketing. Yes, the usage of numerous effective adjective with the potential to move the minds of the masses.
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"Have the courage to live. Anyone can die."
- Robert Cody