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How to copy a word map image into your presentation or document


This article explains how to take a word map image from Visual Thesaurus and add it to another document.

Applies To

Visual Thesaurus 2.0 Desktop Edition
Visual Thesaurus Online Edition
Visual Thesaurus 3.0 Desktop Edition

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Visual Thesaurus word maps can be dragged into other programs, such as Word or PowerPoint.

To do this, press the Shift key while clicking on the background of the word map you want to copy, making sure not to click on any of the words or lines in the display.

Then, while holding the click, drag the mouse over to the other document. When you release the mouse button, the map will pop into your other document.

For reference on this and other cool tricks in Visual Thesaurus, please see the Tips & Tricks section of our How it Works Manual.

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