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How to enable Copy and Paste in the Online Edition


This article describes how to enable Copy + Paste in the Visual Thesaurus Online Edition.

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Visual Thesaurus Online Edition

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In order for the Visual Thesaurus to use your computer's clipboard, it needs more access to your computer than the average Java Applet.

We give our subscribers the ability to launch the Visual Thesaurus in two modes: Normal and Full. Switching to "Full" launch mode allows subscribers to take advantage of more features, including easier printing, drag and drop, copy and paste, and mouse wheel support.

To enable Full Launch Mode, please log into your account and go to the My Account page.

Click on the Application Settings tab, then under Launch Mode, check the box for "Enable full launch mode."

Then try a search again to see the new features you have enabled.

For complete details about Full Launch Mode, please see this article

Also, please note that as an alternative to using the clipboard, you can also use your mouse to move words to and from the Visual Thesaurus in either Full or Normal Launch Mode. Simply highlight a word and using the mouse drag it into the Visual Thesaurus search box, either the one on the website or in the application if you have already launched it. Similarly, you can click on a word in the Visual Thesaurus and drag it into another document to paste it.

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