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When I click the speaker icon, I don't hear anything


This article discusses problems hearing pronunciations in Visual Thesaurus Desktop and Online Editions.

Applies To

Visual Thesaurus Online Edition
Visual Thesaurus 3.0 Desktop Edition


If you cannot hear word pronunciations in the Visual Thesaurus, please first check whether sound is working in other programs and on other websites. If it is, then please check the section below that corresponds to the version of Visual Thesaurus you are using:

For Desktop Edition

To hear pronunciations in the Desktop Edition, your computer needs to be connected to the internet. Because of the number of words in the dictionary, we could not fit all of their pronunciations on a single disk. Therefore, listening to the audio pronunciations requires that you be connected to the Internet, so that the Visual Thesaurus can access the audio files from a central server.

If you are connected to the Internet but still cannot hear the audio pronunciations in Visual Thesaurus, please check your firewall or proxy server. Firewalls and proxy servers are software programs or network devices that sit between your web browser and our computers. They can sometimes prevent the Visual Thesaurus from accessing the Internet. You may need to contact your Internet Service Provider (if you are at home) or your System Administrator (if you are at work) to ask them to configure your firewall and/or proxy server so that your computer has unfiltered network access to the domain on Port 80.

For Online Edition

If you are able to launch the VT application but do not hear the pronunciations when you click on the speaker icon, you probably have an older version of Java installed. The audio files require a newer version of Java. Please update to the latest version of Sun Microsystem's brand of Java.

    Here's how:
  1. Go to Java website and click on the "Download Now" button.
  2. Follow the directions provided on the screen to install Java.
  3. Afterwards, restart your computer.

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