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Useful sites for educators

Calling All Teen and Tween Writers

Here are some websites that specialize in publishing the work of young writers. 


Merlyn's Pen 

Stone Soup

Teen Ink Magazine 

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Blog Excerpts

Yes We Can Learn English

In Japan, the new craze among ESL students is learning English from the speeches of Barack Obama. The Wall Street Journal reports.

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Teachers sometimes feel like their students live in a different linguistic world. The varieties of English spoken by students these days may be jam-packed with slang and other colloquialisms largely impenetrable to their teachers, especially when there's a difference in cultural background. Though the teacher's job is to train students in the proper use of standard English, can that be balanced by an appreciation of the diversity of student slang? To answer that question, we're checking in with two teachers with experience in the New York City public school system. First up is Shannon Reed, who writes regularly for our Teachers At Work section.  Continue reading...
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Blog Du Jour

Empowering Writing

These nonprofit groups aim to empower kids and grownups through writing and storytelling. Please check them out - and give them your support!




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Dog Eared

Books we love

College on the Brain

Attending college or entering college in the fall? These books will help you thrive in school, no matter how many research papers they throw at you!

The Ultimate College Survival Guide

Been There, Should've Done That

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers

Asking the Right Questions

How to Read a Book

Grammar Smart

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We asked Shannon Reed, who contributed a recent "Teachers at Work" column on choosing colleges, to recommend books about the college admissions process. Here are her picks: (Thanks, Shannon!)

Fishing For a Major: What You Need to Know Before You Declare "I confess, I've never read this, but my students tell me it truly helped them. They like that it's written in a student-to-student style, which uses language they understand."

Profiles of American Colleges with CD-ROM "I do not believe the results of any survey, ever. And that includes all of those college ranking books. Plus, I don't need my students to mope through the rest of their senior year because their future university ranks only 38th on the "party schools" list. This guide suits my style far better, with detailed information on over 1600 schools in book and CD-ROM format. Hey, remember CD-ROMs? Never mind, we'll save that discussion for another day."

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As every high school senior -- and parent of said senior -- knows all too well, now is crunch time for college applications. In her latest column, teacher Shannon Reed wrote an excellent guide to choosing the right college. Now we want to zero in on the big, hairy challenge to getting into that school: The personal essay. What should you write about? What should you not write about? To get the inside scoop, we called Richard Ries, AP English teacher and College Counseling Office essay advisor at Ben Lipson Hillel Community High School in North Miami Beach, FL. Here's our conversation:  Continue reading...
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