July 24, 2014
These are just a few of the titles that apply to members of the professional working world. The people who perform these jobs are almost always trained in their specific field, after going through a specialized program of study. As you learn this list, you will have the opportunity to see these occupations come alive through our image questions!
Chile and Peru said they were recalling their ambassadors to Israel.
The Guardian (Jul 30, 2014)
Archaeologists also found artifacts, including pieces of glass, a pipe stem, ceramic pieces and spikes and nails.
Washington Times (Jul 29, 2014)
The garden, from 1977, is the only work in the city completed by the great British landscape architect Russell Page.
New York Times (Jul 30, 2014)
Forty-five years ago this week, millions of people watched as the astronauts of Apollo 11 became the first men to walk on the moon.
BBC (Jul 23, 2014)
The Milky Way is lighter than astronomers previously thought, researchers have concluded.
BBC (Jul 29, 2014)
Defense attorneys argued the contact was nothing more than a medical procedure.
Washington Times (Jul 30, 2014)
Stern highlighted creations from many designers — some of them order-able and some of them simply prototypes — but also included her own work.
Forbes (Jul 29, 2014)
Geologists have discovered the secret that gives dramatic natural sandstone monuments their shape: gravity.
BBC (Jul 21, 2014)
Instructors push the cadets but also ensure they have a fun week.
Washington Times (Jul 25, 2014)
In 1948, while in law school, he was elected police magistrate in Belleville and began practicing law there the next year.
New York Times (Jul 7, 2014)
Long before he entered politics, Paul attended the Duke University School of Medicine and became an ophthalmologist.
Washington Post
For optometrists, the eyes are a window to your health.
US News (Oct 23, 2013)
As pediatricians, we’ve shared the joy as families welcome newborns into their lives.
Seattle Times (Jul 30, 2014)
Physicians can play a crucial role teaching people how to avoid becoming infected as well as how to avoid infecting others.
Forbes (Jul 28, 2014)
Flights will be operated by Airbus flight crews with pilots from the European Aviation Safety Agency participating.
Los Angeles Times (Jul 24, 2014)
“I wouldn’t have jumped into the business had I not gained encouragement from professors.”
Forbes (Jul 30, 2014)
Referees use the spray to indicate the position of free-kicks and the distance the defensive wall must retreat.
BBC (Jul 30, 2014)
Scientists have worked out the reasons for the distorted shape of our Moon.
BBC (Jul 30, 2014)
The secretary has made revitalizing rural America a priority as small towns have lost people and political clout in recent years.
Washington Times (Jul 30, 2014)
The soldiers spent hours monitoring his movements on the screen.
Washington Post
As the actors marveled at the stenographer, she proceeded to type their every word.
Washington Times (Jul 17, 2014)
A general surgeon reading a medical text performed the life-changing procedure.
Los Angeles Times (Jul 28, 2014)
Lindquist, the thespian, plays the fire captain, one of the play’s two leads.
Seattle Times (Mar 13, 2014)
Our tutors are predominantly current college students and recent college graduates, and tutors make $20 an hour.
Forbes (Jul 29, 2014)
By the mid-20th century, the number of veterinarians in the United States had quintupled, and pets had become their most reliable source of income.
Slate (Jul 27, 2014)

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Monday February 29th, 6:47 PM
Comment by: Abdadiam A. (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
ophthalmologist, pediatrician, stenographer & optometrist were the most difficult words in this list
Wednesday May 25th, 4:42 PM
Comment by: Damon B. (HI)
I agree...
Wednesday May 25th, 5:03 PM
Comment by: Nadia L. (HI)
This program is fun! :)

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