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Hello Visual Thesaurus subscribers: I'm pleased to announce we have appointed a new editor! His name is Ben Zimmer, and he comes to us from Oxford University Press, where he was editor for American dictionaries. Ben's very accomplished background is in linguistics and lexicography, and he blogs regularly at the respected Language Log. Ben also had a weekly column on the OUP blog called From A to Zimmer about words and usage. And if his name rings a bell, you're right! We published a fascinating interview with Ben last month about his work at OUP. We're extremely excited that Ben has joined our team. You'll see lots of new features and articles in the coming weeks, plus Ben will be working closely with the Visual Thesaurus team to continue developing our award-winning software.  Continue reading...

We're proud to announce the redesign of the Visual Thesaurus web site. Starting this week, you'll see new and exciting improvements to the Visual Thesaurus Online. What's new? We've added auto-complete so you can look up words faster. We've introduced brand-new, high-quality audio pronunciations. We've made the Visual Thesaurus magazine easier to read and navigate. And much, much more...  Continue reading...

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Lesson Plans!

Educators: Want fresh ideas for teaching with the Visual Thesaurus? Check out our customized lesson plans! Every month we publish a new lesson plan for elementary to high school classes. They're fun, captivating, imaginative -- and highly effective. Your students will love 'em! Please check out lesson plans by clicking here.

The Visual Thesaurus team is very pleased to announce an exciting new feature: Wordlists! You can use these interactive lists to learn, share and -- most of all -- have fun. How do you get started? It's easy.  Continue reading...

We're Hiring!

Join the team that's creating the Visual Thesaurus and the software behind it. We're a downtown New York-based company and we're looking for talented people. Interested? Click here for details.

Starting today you'll notice a big change on our subscriber homepage: A new magazine dedicated to people passionate about words -- people like you! In the coming weeks we'll post features about writing, teaching, learning, creating -- and much more. We hope you enjoy our new look.

We also want to hear from you: Please let us know what you think. And if you're interested in contributing, please let us know, too.

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1 2 3 4 Displaying 15-21 of 27 Articles