A New Look, and a New Column on the Way

As part of our tireless mission to make the online content of the Visual Thesaurus more enjoyable and accessible, we're making some changes to the magazine's look this week. We're also introducing a lively new column tracking words on the move.

As before, you'll see the latest featured article in the top left spot under "Fresh Ink." But now you'll also see the three previous articles listed directly under "Fresh Ink" with short descriptions, and further down the page is a more extensive listing of recent articles with titles and dates. So if you missed something when it was featured in "Fresh Ink," you don't have to worry about it disappearing from the main page — just scroll down to find it. Directly under the list of recent articles is a link to the complete archive by date, and in the bottom left corner is an archive by department. (You'll still find Announcements and Contests archived on the right side of the page, under Lesson Plans.)

One of the benefits of our new look is that we'll have the freedom to post articles more often. Tomorrow we're kicking off a new column from Visual Thesaurus editor Ben Zimmer called "Word Routes: Exploring the Pathways of Our Lexicon." With the launching of "Word Routes" you'll be seeing a lot more fresh material in the magazine every week, since the column will have frequent blog-style updates — touching on everything from topical words in the news to raging debates about usage and style. Watch this space tomorrow for a full introduction, and in the meantime we hope you enjoy navigating through the new design!

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