Announcing the Visual Thesaurus, version 3

We've just added a host of new features to make the Visual Thesaurus a better product for learning about words and exploring the English language.

A Better Dictionary

  • Audio pronunciations. Visual Thesaurus 3 offers audio pronunciations in either a British or an American English accent.
  • Printing. Subscribers can now print just like the Desktop Edition.
  • Other languages. Try searching using the new beta versions of Dutch, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. To enable the International Edition features, click here.
  • American or British spellings. You choose whether to see American spelling, British spellings or both. (E.g. color or colour)
  • More words and meanings. Visual Thesaurus 3 now has over 145,000 words and 115,000 meanings.
  • More proper nouns. Visual Thesaurus 3 now includes more than 39,000 proper nouns, so you can now use the Visual Thesaurus to more fully explore geography, world leaders, and even trademarks.
  • More types of relationships. The Visual Thesaurus adds three new relationship types for even finer control of your navigation.

A Better Interface

  • Spell checking. When you type in a word, you are provided with a list of suggested spellings.
  • Expand your search to the Internet. Search the Internet for words or related images.
  • Back and forward buttons. Clearly labeled back and forward buttons make it easy to retrace your steps.
  • Better filtering of content. With four levels of content filtering and the ability to lock content filters, you determine what's appropriate for you, your family, or your students.
  • More control of the display. Use presets to quickly choose from among three display modes (including new Free Association Mode). Also fine-tune your display using sliders.
  • Two print formats. Print single page view of your word display, or print multiple pages with color-coded definitions.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. We now provide keyboard shortcuts for many commonly used actions.
  • Context menus. Right click on a word or meaning and see what actions are available.

Start Exploring

You can start using the Visual Thesaurus 3 just by typing a word in the search box at the top of the screen, or you can read our feature by feature guided tour and learn about all of the exciting new features of the Visual Thesaurus.

Differences Between Visual Thesaurus 2.0 and Visual Thesaurus 3

Visual Thesaurus 2.0 Desktop Edition Visual Thesaurus 3 Desktop Edition Visual Thesaurus 3 Online Edition
Dictionary 140,000 words Over 145,000 words and 115,000 meanings Over 145,000 words and 115,000 meanings
Audio No Both British and American English Pronunciations Both British and American English Pronunciations
Spell Checking No Yes Yes
Languages English Only English Only Beta versions of Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish available
Choice of American or British Spelling 14 17 17
Start an Internet Search from Your Word No Images and Web pages Images and Web pages
Back and Forward Buttons No Yes Yes
Printing Can print screen only on Desktop Version Two print formats to choose from Now can also print in two formats!
Keyboard Shortcuts No More than 20 More than 20

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