Word Lists: Sharing the Lexical Love

In the two years since we launched word lists on the Visual Thesaurus, subscribers have taken advantage of the feature to catalogue everything from economics vocabulary to skateboarding verbs. Now it's easier than ever to organize your word lists and keep track of your favorite lists.

If you're an individual subscriber logged in to the VT, you can play around with word lists by going to your personal profile page — just click on your name in the upper right corner of any page. (Some accounts, such as those for institutional subscribers, do not yet support profiles and word lists.) On your profile page you can see lists you've already created under "My Word Lists," and if you haven't made any yet, get cracking by clicking on "Create New Word List."

Under "My Word Lists," you'll now see some great new tools for organizing lists. With the drop-down "Order" menu, you can arrange your word lists by date added, list name, date modified, or word count. And you can use the filter settings to show the lists you're sharing with others, the lists that are private, or the lists that you've marked as favorite.

Adding a list to your favorites is simple. Say you're checking out one of the many word lists contributed by our subscribers, like CaspianRex's "75-cent words." Just click on the heart icon in the top right-hand corner to make it one of your favorite word lists. If you change your mind, you can always remove it from your favorites later on. You can also add your own word lists to your favorites if you'd like. All of your favorite lists will now appear marked with a heart on your profile page.

Another way you can add a favorite word list is by clicking through on any word in a list that you're perusing. When the Visual Thesaurus application opens on that word, you'll see a pull-down menu showing all the words in that list. Now when you hit "save," that word list will automatically be added to your favorites, without having to create a new list. Keep in mind that if you make any changes to the word list and then save it, you'll be creating a brand-new list rather than saving a favorite.

We hope these changes will make the VT's word list feature an even more useful tool for building your own personal collections of words and for enjoying the handiwork of your fellow subscribers. Happy listing!

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Saturday April 4th 2009, 6:29 PM
Comment by: A. Z.
Word lists are fun to make!

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