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Grammar Day Haiku Contest: The Winners

March 4th was National Grammar Day, and one of the events held to celebrate the occasion was a Grammar Haiku Contest, overseen by editor Mark Allen. Language lovers were asked to post grammar- or usage-based haikus on Twitter, and nearly 200 entries were submitted. Herewith, from Allen's blog, the winning haiku and the runners-up, as determined by a distinguished panel of judges.

First place:

Being a dangler,
Jane knew it would have to come
out of the sentence
— Larry Kunz, @larry_kunz

Second place:

Tiny hyphen mark
marries words, charms editor.
Turns out to be lint.

Third place:

Tree in full word bloom
falling across the blackboard
sentence diagram
Bob Schroeder, @BobSchroeder5

Fourth place:

If I were to say
I missed you, oh subjunctive,
would that set the mood?
Michelle Baker, @corpwritingpro

Fifth place:

My word, your syntax
stirs the imperative mood:
Let's coordinate
Stan Carey, @StanCarey (Visual Thesaurus contributor!)

Honorable mentions:

After a sentence
be like Obi-Wan and just
hit the space bar once.
— Holly Ashworth, @ActuallyHolly

First person: I love.
Second person: You love me.
Third person: Uh, oh.
— Rachel Cooper, @RachelCooper_NS

Dangling oddly
I conjured absurdities
With modifiers.
— Tom Freeman, @SnoozeInBrief

Loose rhymes with moose and
lose with booze, which I want to
drink when they're confused
— @shaunarum

Judge me not grammar
I have memorized your rules
they shatter like glass
— Gerri Berendzen, @gerrrib

Wanted: one pronoun,
To take the place of he/she
"They" need not apply
— Charlie MacFadyen, @csmacf

People shouldn't say
"I could care less" when they mean
"I could care fewer"
— Tom Freeman, @SnoozeInBrief

To see all of the submissions, check out the full Twitter stream on Storify. The judges for the contest were:

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