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Looking for a Spur of the Moment Gift? Try a Word.

A word can spark a conversation, remind us of a shared happiness, console a grieving heart, entice us with thoughts of future pleasure. All you need is some tinsel, a gift box, stationery, and your favorite pen to offer your beloved a point of meditation or a reminder that these holidays are all about making connections with each other and speaking back to the encroaching darkness with candlelight, merriment, and love. 

Some words — indeed many — are worthy of the honor.

Stumped for a good one? Check out this list of Gift-Worthy Words related to uplift, elucidation, and light. And remember, the word store (otherwise known as our Dictionary) is open 24/7, including on Christmas Day.

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Monday December 30th 2013, 8:12 AM
Comment by: Tushar D. (India)
Hi can anyone share the gift-worthy words with me please as the above link is not working.

Link should be working now! —Ed.

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