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E-Book Blogs

Keep up to date with the latest advances in electronic books.


The Handheld Librarian


Print is Dead

Journalism Reviews

The best online critiques of journalism often come from journalists themselves.

Columbia Journalism Review

Editor & Publisher


Poynter: Romenesko

Storytelling Blogs

Storytelling and blogging have become kindred spirits. Masters of the art of the story are shaping their voices in a new online medium.

Voice--A Storyteller's Lifestyle

Professional Storyteller

Storytelling Notes

A Storied Career

David Foster Wallace, RIP

The passing of acclaimed writer David Foster Wallace has triggered remembrances from many literary bloggers.

The Millions

A Life Divided


Literary Diaries

If diarists like Pepys, Kafka, or Orwell were alive today, would they be bloggers? Read their diaries in blog form.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

The Diaries of Franz Kafka

Orwell Diaries

Brontë Blogs

Move over, Jane Austen. The Brontë sisters have a strong following in the blogosphere.


Brontë Parsonage Blog


Brussels Brontë Blog

Bibliophile Blogs

Do you obsess about book collecting? These blogs prove you're not alone.


A Gently Mad Blog

Book Patrol

Bibliophile Bullpen

1 2 3 4 5 Displaying 15-21 of 141 Articles