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How to Write Like Stephen King

Nancy Friedman, naming and branding expert and contributor to our Candlepower column, wrote an entry on her blog about "how to write like Stephen King and other tricks they don't teach at those fancy-schmancy writing workshops." She suggests you check out these websites:

Everything You Need to Know about Writing Successfully--in Ten Minutes. "It's from Stephen King, so it's gotta be true, right?"

Random Book or Story Title Generator: "Six titles per click, so you can go crazy and name your entire oeuvre."

How not to write for technology users, "a grumble for common-sense error messages from deep within the belly of the beast (IBM)."'

Cliche Finder: "More than 3,300 cliches served, from 'Dumb as a stump' to 'Water over the dam.' "

Sentence Diagramming Guide, "modestly subtitled 'One Way of Learning English Grammar' and patiently explicated by the saintly Eugene R. Moutoux."

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