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Word lovers, listen up: Grant Barrett, creator of the Double-Tongued Word Wrester's Dictionary and a lexicographer at the Oxford University Press, recommends these blogs on language:

Separated by a Common Language. Lynne Murphy is an American linguist working and living in the U.K. She writes about variations between British and American English.

Language Log. One of the smartest group blogs on any topic anywhere on the Anglophone Internet, featuring respected linguists and grammarians commenting on the mundane, arcane, and profane. A key to the blog's success is that the various posters disagree as often as they agree? meaning more than one school of thought is represented, rather than whatever is faddish or fashionable.

Verbatim, the Language Quarterly. A neat and nifty newsletter with fun, funny, and quirky articles from a variety of authors. Edited by my Oxford University Press colleague Erin McKean.

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