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Nancy Friedman runs a verbal-branding consultancy called Wordworking, and contributed today's "Candlepower" column on naming. She suggests these blogs on language, branding and media:

Wordmall. "The labor of love of retired English teacher Michael Sheehan (who also contributes to the excellent online magazine Each post takes a familiar word or term -- one of my favorites is "bogus" -- and examines its history, etymology, and usage."

The Language Guy. "The lessons of linguistics applied to advertising, journalism, politics, and society. Written by a retired linguist, this blog is invariably well researched and feisty."

Logic + Emotion. "Ad agency creative director David Armano looks at marketing, design, and "brand experience" from a 360 degree perspective. I especially appreciate the insights into designers' minds because my words have to complement their visual concepts."

Buzz Machine. "Journalism veteran Jeff Jarvis's often-amused, sometimes-incensed observations on the state of the media (mass, medium, and micro). As he writes, 'The media are in upheaval and it's a great time to watch.'"

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