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Vocabulary Goes to the Movies

In the Teachers at Work article "A Daily Vocabulary Bonanza for Teachers," Bob Greenman extols the New York Times television listings (of all places!) as a rich source for classroom vocabulary instruction. As Bob explains, the capsule movie reviews in the Times listings are packed with great vocab words. In this month's Contest Corner, we invite you to concoct your own vocabulary-packed movie reviews. Send us up to three capsule reviews, and we will send the winning entrant a Visual Thesaurus T-shirt!

Your capsule reviews should follow the Times format: the movie's title and year of release, one or two lead performers in the film, and your comment of no more than six words, not necessarily in a single sentence. Here's an example:

Thief (1981) James Caan, Tuesday Weld. Family-man safecracker. Engrossing drama.

Email us with your capsule reviews by March 30. One lucky entrant will win a Visual Thesaurus T-shirt!

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