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VT Treasure Hunt: Winner!

Last time in Contest Corner, the challenge was to track down the answers to ten questions in a Visual Thesaurus treasure hunt. Congratulations to Catherine McIntyre of the English Language Institute at Texas A&M University for submitting ten correct answers. Catherine wins a Visual Thesaurus T-shirt! Her answers follow below.

Treasure Hunt Questions and Answers

  • Find a sculptor whose last name rhymes with "floor."
    Henry Moore

  • Find an antonym of "counterfeit."

  • Find a word that fits all the parts of speech categories listed on the VT display (noun, adjective, verb, adverb).

  • Find the Dutch word for "goldfish."

  • Find the two types of tissue that the word "cortex" can represent.
    plant or animal tissue

  • Find the verb from which the word "president" is derived.

  • Find a name that is fit for an English queen and for a town in southeast Texas.

  • Find the Amendment to the Constitution that guarantees freedom of speech.
    The First Amendment

  • Find the largest ocean in the world.
    The Pacific Ocean

  • Find a shade of pink that is tinged with yellow and rhymes with "reach."

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