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Branding, Naming and... Surprise

Naming and branding expert Nancy Friedman, this week's guest contributor to our Candlepower section, sent us these book recommendations:

The Making of a Name: The Inside Story of the Brands We Buy, by Steve Rivkin and Fraser Sutherland: A thorough, highly readable survey of name types, the name-development process, and the naming business.

Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing, by Alex Wipperf├╝rth . A manifesto for Consumer Culture 2.0, where the audience defines the message.

The Story Factor, by Annette Simmons. It's not the information -- it's the story you tell about it. I dip into this valuable book on a regular basis.

Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences, by Lawrence Weschler. Provocative, beautifully written (and beautifully produced) essays on the unexpected connections between art and life.

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