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We asked Shannon Reed, who contributed this week's "Teachers at Work" column, to recommend books about the college admissions process. Here are her picks: (Thanks, Shannon!)

Fishing For a Major: What You Need to Know Before You Declare "I confess, I've never read this, but my students tell me it truly helped them. They like that it's written in a student-to-student style, which uses language they understand."

Profiles of American Colleges with CD-ROM "I do not believe the results of any survey, ever. And that includes all of those college ranking books. Plus, I don't need my students to mope through the rest of their senior year because their future university ranks only 38th on the "party schools" list. This guide suits my style far better, with detailed information on over 1600 schools in book and CD-ROM format. Hey, remember CD-ROMs? Never mind, we'll save that discussion for another day."

Harvard University Off the Record "This is just one example from a series of "off the record" books on colleges. A quick glance at shows editions for Yale, Muhlenberg, Lewis & Clark and so on. I poured over the Brown edition (might go back for another M.A. -- they're like candy to me!) This series is less tawdry than it sounds, but still should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, there's info here (campus hangouts, school location, professors to avoid) that you won't find printed elsewhere."

The All-in-One College Guide "If you're only going to buy one book to help with the college decision making process, this is a likely candidate. It's clear, it goes through all the steps, and the author even has a unique voice and some good ideas. "

Med School Confidential "I read this book for a reviewing gig, and ever since then, it's been the first place I send any student who claims she wants to be a doctor (and there's Law School Confidential too). Reading what a medical student really has to go through to become a doctor is a wake-up call for many. And even better, for high schoolers who truly want to make medicine their career, it's inspiring!"

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