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Storytelling, Real or Fiction

I came across this list of terrific writing books as a sidebar to a Detroit Free Press article on storytelling. To read the article, please click here. [Editor]

William E. Blundell, The Art and Craft of Feature Writing. "The Wall Street Journal's Bill Blundell is one of the great feature writers of our generation. He's also a fine teacher. Not surprisingly, this book, derived from the Wall Street Journal Guide, is a prize."

Janet Burroway, Writing Fiction. "One of the most comprehensive guides to storytelling technique. Lots of practical advice on methods valuable in either fiction or nonfiction."

Theodore Cheney, Writing Creative Nonfiction. "A useful guide to the literary techniques used in crafting nonfiction that goes beyond the inverted pyramid."

Jon Franklin, Writing for Story. "A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner's formula for crafting nonfiction with a true story line."

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