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Summer Reading: Creativity

Starting this week,we're inviting an engaging and eclectic group of folks to recommend reads for the beach and pool this summer. Our first guest contributor is Scott Ginsberg. Known as "That Guy with the Nametag," he's a guy who knows how to think creatively. Scott's an author and professional speaker whose books, including The Power of Approachability, talk about the force and virtues of first impressions. He recommends these books on developing your creativity:

Thinkertoys, by Michael Michalko. "Great exercises, super-thought provoking and fun. The kind of book you read and then start getting random ideas for completely unrelated stuff."

Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron. "This book changed my life. Talks about "Morning Pages" and other creative blocking exercises and ideas that make you want to look yourself in the mirror and think, 'I-am-an-artist, I-am-an-artist!'"

The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. "Absolutely the best book I've ever read, ever. Period."

100 Whats of Creativity, by Don the Idea Guy (ebook on Don's Brain Blog). "Nothing but questions to ask yourself. This book was SO good, it helped me clarify my own philosophy about business and life into one concise sentence. Totally worth the read."

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael J. Gelb. "Fascinating trip into the mind of the greatest thinker of all time. Good stuff about curiosity and questioning."

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Wednesday May 30th 2007, 8:47 AM
Comment by: Donna S.
Great idea for a new feature, and it came just at the right time-- I was looking for suggestions for Summer reading. Thanks Scott! I"ll start with Thinkertoys, since it's been sitting unread on my bookshelf for a year.
Friday June 1st 2007, 12:19 PM
Comment by: Zohal H.
Creatively is spelled incorrectly...first paragraph, third line...currently reads "creativly".
Friday June 1st 2007, 12:26 PM
Comment by: anna S. (South Africa)Top 10 Commenter
Thanks, Zohal, good catch, fixed... Harris/ VT editor
Sunday June 3rd 2007, 11:29 AM
Comment by: Solveig E.

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