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Common Core and Academic Vocabulary: A Video

Teachers, want to get the scoop on the rationale behind the Common Core State Standards as they relate to Academic Vocabulary? Well, this video takes you right to the source: a conversation with one of the thinkers behind the Common Core, author David Coleman, and the NYS Commissioner of Education John King.

Black History Month

 Check out the following sites to find top-notch materials for teaching and learning about African American history:

2012: The Olympics and Paralympics Head to London

Teachers, if you are looking to infuse your 2012 curriculum with some timely material, this official "Get Set" website can provide you with all kinds of Olympics-focused teaching resources. From biographies of the star athletes to interactive games and challenges, "Get Set" can help motivate your students to become part of the action.

The Other VT: VoiceThread

If you want to give digital storytelling a whirl, check out VoiceThread — a site that helps your students create multimedia slide shows that can include narrative, still images, video, and music. And the beauty of VoiceThread as a collaborative classroom tool is that once a student shares a VoiceThread with the class, other students' comments are then incorporated into the VoiceThread presentation as well.

100 Milestone Documents

November is a great month to steep your students in historical "primary" documents. You could have students read President Wilson’s 14 points in anticipation of Armistice Day (November 11th, now called Veteran’s Day) and the Gettysburg Address to commemorate Lincoln’s famous speech which was delivered on November 19th, 1863.  Continue reading...

Back to School with Google Scholar

This year, don't just Google it, Google Scholar it! When students are in search of reliable sources for their research, have them visit Google Scholar to find articles, books, and court opinions on an endless number of topics. Start searching here.

Teaching 9/11

If you are wondering how to approach 9/11 in your classroom, turn to one of these excellent news sites for educators:

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