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Visualize It!

Once students have visually explored a word's semantic map by using the Visual Thesaurus, they can explore some other visual representations of a word by checking out these sites:

Tag Galaxy


Merriam Webster's Visual Dictionary

Summer Reading for Students

Fun With Idioms

These sites can help your students decipher some common English idioms.

Funbrain: Paint by Idioms

UsingEnglish.com: Dictionary of English Idioms

The Idiom Connection

It's Phonics Time!

Provide young readers with a fun phonics workout by having them visit these web sites that teach phonics through fun games and activities:


BBC Schools TV

AdrianBruce.com: Games

Learning Words on the Boob Tube

Transform your students' television time to vocabulary time by having them tune in to these PBS show sites developed to enrich their word knowledge.

Martha Speaks


Word World

Envisioning America... and its Literature

These cool sites contain visual elements that can bring new life to your teaching of some American classics.

NPR's "In Character"

Language of the Land: Journey into Literary America

American Memory Project

Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events

Science and Math Terms

These sites provide fun games and materials to help students review science and math terms.

Maggie's Earth Adventures

Science Vocabulary Hangman

APlusMath: Hidden Picture

NRICH Mathematics Enrichment

2 3 4 5 6 Displaying 29-35 of 37 Articles