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Laugh While Learning Shakespeare-Style Words

When was the last time you heard "tremulous" used by a standup comic? How about "stalwart"? "Importunate"? "Eschew"?

Never? Maybe that's because you haven't seen comedian John Branyan retell the fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs" as if it had been written by Shakespeare. Branyan suggests the Bard had a working vocabulary of 54,000 words, which he contrasts to modern speakers' measley 3,000; his routine attempts to reinstate some that might have fallen away. (We'd love to know where he got these numbers, by the way.)

Watch his video and see how many words you know. Or pre-learn some of the vocabulary Branyan uses with this interactive Vocabulary List, John Branyan's The Three Little Pigs. (Teacher Idea: use the list + video as a fun vocabulary-building exercise for your students.)

Do you think you could live in a world where people spoke in this way? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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