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Settings Panel: Presets

The presets sub-panel allows you to choose from a selection of pre-set combinations of settings. This allows you to choose from popular combinations of settings that work well together. When you first start using the Visual Thesaurus, we recommend you choose a preset from the list that best suits your needs. As you become a more advanced user of the Visual Thesaurus, you may want to delve deeper into the other sub-panels and more precisely customize your settings.

The Relationships sub-panel allows you to control the types of relationships displayed in the Visual Thesaurus and filter your results by hiding certain relationships. This panel lists the 16 categories of relationships between words and meanings that the VT can display.

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Settings Panel: Printing

The printing panel controls the format that will be used when printing from the Visual Thesaurus. You can choose from two different formats:

With Definitions. This multi-page format shows the display along with a list of meanings, their definitions and usage examples.

Without Definitions. This format prints the display on a single page, without any accompanying definitions.

Settings Panel: Languages

The language panel allows you to control which spellings are used in the display. To hide spellings that are particular to American or British English, you can deselect the corresponding check boxes in the "Display" column.

Is similar to: An adjective that is very close in meaning to another word. Example: Precise is similar to meticulous.

Is a type of: A term that is a type of another term. Example: A Dalmatian is a type of dog.

Is a part of: A term that is part of another term. Example: A spoke is a part of a bicycle wheel.

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The relationship categories in the Visual Thesaurus include:

Antonym: A noun, verb, adjective, or adverb that expresses the opposite concept of another word. Example: Good is an antonym of evil.

Pertains to: An adjective that is related or pertains to another word. Example: Academic pertains to academia.

Participle of: An adjective that is derived from a verb participle. Example: Applied is a participle of apply.

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Audio Preference: This control allows you to change the audio pronunciation from a British English accent to an American English accent. You can also turn off audio pronunciation

Show Narrower Terms: This control limits when the Visual Thesaurus will show narrower terms for a selected meaning. If you set this too high, or to "show all," it may make the display cluttered and slow down your computer.

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1 2 3 Displaying 8-14 of 21 Articles