Language Arts Classroom Competition

The January-February 2011 Wordmasters Challenge

Welcome to the January-February 2011 WordMasters Challenge, the second of this school year. Over four thousand school teams from every state participate each year in this popular national competition for Language Arts students in grades 3 to 12. Visit the WordMasters website to learn more about how to participate in the Challenge using the word lists posted here.

The WordMasters Challenge is an analogy-solving contest. The contest challenges students to use the words from the lists below in logical pairs. To do this well, students have to understand the exact meanings of all of the words, and have to reason carefully about the relationships shown in the analogical pairs. Here's where the Visual Thesaurus can help: All the words in the lists below are linked to their entries in the Visual Thesaurus, so students can study their meanings and relationships to other words in preparation for the Challenge.

The word lists below contain all the words that will appear in this school year's first Challenge, which will be held in schools between February 1 and February 21.

January-February 2011 WordMasters Challenge Word Lists:

Grade 3: Blue Division Gold Division
Grade 4: Blue Division Gold Division
Grade 5: Blue Division Gold Division
Grade 6: Blue Division Gold Division
Grade 7: Blue Division Gold Division
Grade 8: Blue Division Gold Division

Good luck with the Challenge!

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