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From One Extreme to Another

Words with similar definitions can have wildly different connotations. While it may be a compliment to call someone frugal, it's not so flattering to call that person cheap. This week's worksheet ask students to analyze a group of related words and to figure out how they could be placed in a word spectrum — ranging from the word with the most negative connotation to the word with the most positive connotation.

Click here for the worksheet. Also be sure to check out our related lesson plan, "Shades of Meaning," and Book Nook excerpt "Shades of Meaning: Noticing Subtle Differences."

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Shades of Meaning
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How can the Visual Thesaurus help students distinguish between words with similar definitions but different connotations?
Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey encourage teachers to get students to recognize that words can be arranged in a continuum.