Professional Development

To help our customers get the most out of their site licenses to the Visual Thesaurus, we offer free web-based training for institutional accounts.

Live Training

We cover the logistics of searching, some deeper uses of the Visual Thesaurus, and easy and intuitive ways to use the Visual Thesaurus in science, language arts, and social studies classrooms. The training lasts between thirty and sixty minutes, and gives your teachers the chance to ask questions. At the end of our training, a teacher will be able to walk back into the classroom, pick up the next day's lesson, and use the Visual Thesaurus to add richness and texture to that lesson.

Prerecorded Trainings for Self Study

Want to learn how to use the Visual Thesaurus on your own time, at your own pace? The following instructional videos are perfect for teachers who can't make a training session or who need a refresher. Complete them all for a comprehensive introduction to Visual Thesaurus use in your classroom.

Getting Started
Adjusting Your Settings 2:04
Understanding Pop-up Menus 3:18
Using with an Interactive Whiteboard 2:06
Using as a Dictionary and Thesaurus 4:22
Word Lists
Create a Custom Spelling Bee 1:43
Working With Word Lists 2:02
Using VocabGrabber to Create a Word List 2:04
Creating a Word List 2:35
Classroom Applications
Creating a Graphic Model of a Word 2:08
Understanding a Challenging Text 2:10
For Administrators
Accessing Account Information 1:33
Creating Accounts 2:01
Instructions for Administrators 5:53