Visual Thesaurus Video Review

G4 Tech-TV's "Call for Help" reviews the Visual Thesaurus

We were thrilled when G4-Tech TV's "Call for Help" decided to review the Visual Thesaurus. Press the play button to check out the video. They did get a few things wrong in the review, though, so make sure you read our corrections below:

  • (2:04) Word Pronunciations
    The Visual Thesaurus allows you to choose either an American or British accent for audio pronunciations. (British pronunciation is the default)
  • (3:48) Web Version or Desktop Version?
    Amber is demonstrating the "web-based" Online Edition. Multiple languages are available only in the Online Edition.
  • (3:55) Which version are schools using?
    Schools can either purchase Desktop Edition CD-ROM's to use in labs, but most schools opt for the Site License to the Online Edition, which allows all their students to use the Visual Thesaurus from any computer in the school -- as well as from home! Click here for more information about institutional sales.
  • (4:44) What else do you get when you subscribe?
    If you subscribe to the Visual Thesaurus, you'll get even more features, like five additional languages, emailing and access anywhere. You'll also get our excellent subscriber-only magazine and join a community passionate about words, language and creativity. Our magazine takes an enlightening, entertaining -- and a tad contrarian -- look at how language meets the creative process.
  • (5:38) The Visual Thesaurus works on both Mac OSX and Windows
    The Visual Thesaurus works beautifully on both Macintosh OSX and Windows computers. Amber mentions the keyboard shortcuts -- Actually, the keyboard shortcuts automatically change to match your operating system.

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