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I am working on 3 things:

1) "Celt-Iberia" -- Understanding the history of the Mediterranean people, especially the Carthaginians, the Iberians and the Roman Empire, so that I might construct historical fiction based on what their reality might have been

2) "Xconomy.com" -- Developing the most credible and authoritative news source to support the evolution of innovative economic clusters, especially in New England, California, Washington state, Japan, Europe and others

3) "Struggling with Work on the Web" -- Learning why we tarry on, learning how to tarry on
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Sensory perception is only the beginning of this word, to be enriched by layer upon layer of meaning within the design of the biological system we call a human being -- starting with our own body, brain and Mind. Once the senses "feed" us their inputs, how we process, store, retrieve, create and react to those inputs is "living" itself. We are not alone, we think, and words connect our experiences, as we seek their deeper meaning alone and together.
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Hatred, hating and hate itself imply that one human being has the right to judge and reject another person or thing or place or idea or ... The notion that time and energy are so wasted is the source of concern I carry for the future of the human species.
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"Dum spiro, spero = While I breathe, I still hope."
- Motto of the city of St. Andrews, Scotland

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