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Here goes (please pardon the space-saving bullets):

* I live halfway between San Francisco and the Wine Country of Sonoma and Napa.
* Food and wine writer, educator, consultant, etc. for 25+ years.
* Founded the "Drink Wine With Dinner™" holiday (August 15th, for Julia Child's birthday). You can contact me at to join the fun!
* Just released the first eBook in my "Drink Wine With Dinner™" series. (It's free: visit and fill in the "Sign Up Now" box.)
* Certified wine judge. (And some folks think I'm, um, *certifiable* ;)
* Cookbook author: Seafood, Pasta and Noodles ~ The New Classics (Ten Speed Press).
* Co-founder and founding editor of Wine X Magazine.

Hobbies, likes, etc.: Food & cooking, wine, nature (astronomy, birding, snorkeling, gentle hikes), photography/videography, writing/blogging, teaching, gardening, cats. (My sweet little shelter kitty, Calicocoa, was trained by her foster mom to use a *people toilet*!)
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Being such an avid cat lover, I find it delightful that the shimmery optical effects (chatoyance) in wood grain, tigereye cabochons, etc., would be named for the glimmer of feline eyes! Also: "boustrophedon." Sounds like it should relate to boisterous, rambunctious, rumbustious, etc., instead of... what it *does* mean. (Great definition in VT. Think mowing the lawn...)
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Least Favorite Word:

For now, my LFW is "bombilation," the streak-breaker on my most recent Spelling Bee run. I expect that "my least favorite word" will keep changing, one streak-breaker at a time... (July 18 ~ *Dang!* New "LFW" ~ [circinate] has *only one* "n"...

Favorite Quote:

"“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”"
- The late, great, inimitable Julia Child (1912-2004)

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"Deep" Thoughts
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"Deep" Thoughts
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