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I am a loving kind patient person who like and enjoy people. I appreciate the joy life brings, even the ups and downs. I have been in life. I am in a training section called H T H in Manhattan. I learn so much and will be finishing up in June 2019. Once done at H T H I will be looking forward to achieve my goal. Internship will set in and the necessary of the training will be needed. I know the my up bringing will play a part I am loving and kind and I listen well so that will be part of the training listening is within me. I like going to people and people coming to me so we can help each other in this life. I enjoy any Job function but this one is special to me. I like working with people who seem like they need help an do not mind me advocating for their needs. I help people in areas where it is needed. I like people. I love going to other states meeting different people and see how the live. I like reading, swimming, running, movies and kids. I love music. R&B the most. Love&RAP.
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I was raised in a family by two lovely parents and 8 siblings 5 sisters and 3 brothers i was raised with and later found out ihave 3 more 1 brother and 2 sisters whom i meet and right off love. I was taught as well raised to love my brothers and sisters no matter what and stick close by one another. I love my mom and Dad. I losted my Dad my 2 sisters and my step sister who i never really knew.Love is a amazing word kind soft spoken heartwarming. I fell in love at 15 years old. My love is gone to

Least Favorite Word:

fight is not my favorite. I felt so much pain in my heart when i first lost my first love. OMG! I was not right in the mind from so much pain. My heart felt like i was punched in. Pain once i lost 2 sisters and a father! What pain i felt. Crying is pain when it hurt so bad and cutting feet,toes, is pain when going to foot doctor. Freezing hands in cold weather is pain and not to mention a damn toothache. Pain in the body is PAIN! so no i recognize PAIN is one of my least favorite words.