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Hello! My name is Taeho. Yeah.
My Hobbies: programming, creating music, singing, etc.
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I joined in October 2018.
I can write HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Python 3, and PHP. More details ⇗

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Well... I'm really obsessed with coding nowadays. I don't know why. I just like them. I'm learning Python 3 & PHP and I can code HTML & CSS, and JavaScript. I hope to learn Lua later because I want to code in Roblox. Yeah. Also, hacker doesn't only mean the villains that attack servers and websites! They're a programmer. XD (Also hacker sounds cool so)
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Least Favorite Word:

Sequester is another meaning for quarantine. (Btw, I always misspell quarantine, so in my personal opinion, I think sequester is better.) Because of covid-19, everyone has to stay sequestered, and you can't go to amusement parks, events, and other places. (Even though some amusement parks are open, I can't go because I'm worried about Covid-19...) Also, you can't go to school and talk to my friends and have a playdate... (I can have a playdate but I guess no one else will...)
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