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I'm going to start a new youtube channel on June 6th, 2020!
Also, I won Vishnu Ram! YAYYYYY!!!

About Me 👈
I'm currently reading "Brisingr."
My fav series are "The Inheritance Cycle" and "The Maze Runner Series"
My fav animation is "Infinite Dendrogram," etc.
I can speak Korean and English.
I lived in the U.S. for 3 years

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Points: 4.2M
Words Mastered: 1,359+
Hours spent: 106hrs
Jams won: 51+ times

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Josh: Hehe! Thanks! AND I GOT TO THE THIRD MILESTONE! YAY!!! Also, what do you do while ur quarantined in ur house?
ƓЯ∀ƴⒸȆ🅽: Thank you Graycen! But I think Fluff and Stockador, etc. are better than me

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Favorite Word:

My favorite word is friends because without friends you'll be lonely and blue all the time. When you have tons of friends, you can talk to each other and play with friends. So you can be content and happy about it. Friend is a beautiful person, when you're worried or anxious about something, friends can make you less worry and more happy.
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Least Favorite Word:

Melancholy means unhappiness and sadness. If you're melancholy than that means your not feeling ecstatic and exulted and stuff. Your thinking something like you're alone and other things that might discourage you.
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