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I grew up in a big family in Wisconsin during "That 70's Show" era. On cold evenings, my siblings and I played Scrabble, Password, charades, etc. At church, I perked up whenever the Lutheran pastor discussed etymology or translated a word into Greek. Grandpa taught me Oh Christmas Tree in German. Later, Bill Bryson's The Mother Tongue incited in me a peaceful riot of word study.

Became a first-grade teacher, because I struggled to learn to read, having to attend summer school in primary grades. My goal was to teach reading with empathy. Later, I moved to California, married, and eventually became a middle school teacher. Sad to find that most of my eighth graders had no idea how to play Scrabble. Soon mended!

Went to grad school and studied cognition and development, focusing on language, including vocabulary. Learned to appreciate language even more.

See my children's book, Jamie's Journey. Visit my edublog, Vocabulogic.
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Favorite Word:

For me, "kindle" is among the top 20, in part because I like the way it sounds, and that it begins with the letter k. Reason enough, but it also conjures up campfires and kinfolk, friends, songs, storytellings (even e-books). It reminds me of life as a camp counselor. The word inspires hope, and the promise of something new. Also, I'd guess it existed in some form in Old English, so its application probably has "kindled" lots of grateful smiles over the centuries.

Least Favorite Word:

Actually, my least favorite word is "unfriend," but it is not available in this drop-down list of lexemes. The word "unfriend" does not get my vote for word of the year. It's not the verbing that bothers me. Rather, it's the demeaning of the concept of friend. An Afghan acquaintance said that Americans use "friend" freely, with little discrimination. He described his friend, and the amazing ways they have helped each other over the years, stating, "In my culture, a friend is rare, and for life."

Favorite Quote:

"It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are."
- e e cummings