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H A L L O.
No. NO.
Funny fact : I tell jokes and 90% of them failed to make people laugh. And that is NOT because the joke is bad/unoriginal, it is because people are NOT vigilant. CONSTANT VIGILANCE life is like war alright, one moment of unconsciousness can have serious consequences. SERIOUS. CONSEQUENCES.
(Why am I writing all this? To max out the character limit :) )
Oh also if you try hard enough, one can manage to achieve the ultimate state of nerd. That basically means 1.) your eye vision will not be existant and glasses will be mandatory 2.) you will have to stick to being a nerd because you've isolated yourself from your friends ( unless they are already nerds and in that case it is a BRUH moment) and 3.) you will be called a nerd. Now before anyone accuses me of calling others tryhards when I have 7 million points (+) I AM NOT REFERRING TO VOCABULARY.COM. has the sole purpose of enhancing vocabulary comprehension. YAY 1k words!
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Cuz im smart. And before I get annihilated by personal insults about me being so arrogant and all STOP. STOP. STOP. You have no humor you need to buy some from a supermarket. Now. Totally unacceptable. Can't even boost my ego these days. Telling you, if I call myself smart people call me arrogant; if I call myself dumb people call me a casual; if I call myself fairly smart, people call me dumb; if I STAY QUIET people call me introvert, timid; if I change the subject people call me IMPERTINENT...
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Cuz u don't have a life looking at me profile (Nerd warning) Stop this. Please. Don't read the next bit. YOU. ARE. A. SPY. This page is publicly private. What does that mean? I made public some information but that doesn't mean the public has rights to copy or even VIEW that information. Why? Ever heard of dictators? Well lemme tell you : I am the dictator of my own page. Don't even think about protesting or you will get DECAPITATED ( no JUST KIDDING ).* *Reference to alice in the wonderlands xD
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