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I am an English teacher. I did a Tesl course at Trinity, London and then began having the time of my life teaching young children, adolescents and adults in companies. Expression and creativity are rewards which motivate me. I like helping students become aware of the invisible. Once the lesson launched, I encourage the students to read between the lines. This makes them grow. We move faster into allegory, metaphor and some personal titbits come up for resolution. Our interactions provide enthusiasism for future lessons. This is my way of creating rapport. How do you ?
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Favorite Word:

This word recognises the connections which we ignore, or are unaware of in our day to day life. It keeps the door open to wonder, to marvels of nature, the other side of logic and keeps the Universe open in a more humane form for me. There is no 'hasard'. We choose all the time. This helps.

Least Favorite Word:

This word calls up the odd thing which can occur in life, sometimes accidently, sometimes due to omission of an appropriate detail. It evokes engaging in care in expression for free choice and respect to exist. This takes time and courage.

Favorite Quote:

"The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on."
- I don't know. Apparently, I was a child who played with her spittle on the sitting room wall.

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Dubiously Distinguished


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