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um well...i will let you in on things i have figured out about myself...
when you will first meet me you'll find me quite ordinary and perhaps a little wierd (for instance you'll catch me taking random photos of flowers, clouds, get the idea)...and this will be my first impression on you.
if you stick around for a bit you'll find that im actually exactly what you thought of me but here's wat you'll add in that description:
im crazy in the sense that i notice more about nature than most people. i'll be more aware of the color of the sky than the person walking by me. i'll laugh harder and louder at a funny thing than the rest of the people around. im not much humorous myself but I get humor easily. I am not an initiator of intellectual discussions but I can hold my own quite well. I get excited quickly and sometimes more than required...
sometimes I worry about trivial things a lot.. but I can’t help it…it’s a trait from my father… oh and I LOVE to eat.:) and travel
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somehow this word holds a profound meaning in my heart. maybe its because of jane austen's book or my own life events but i find myself using this word often in my head....not verbally...but quietly in my head... all these ideas we have of people are all prejudiced some way or another...and we cant seem to get rid of them...sometimes we dont even know that they are there... when suddenly some gesture, some action or some thing they say makes us realize our prejudice, how wrong we were to judge..
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Least Favorite Word:

okay i say this word very often...and still i abhor the word. I absolutely hate myself for using it but still the feeling is absolute. anybody would be surprised to learn who i use it for. anyways. this four letter word...simple and compact has a profound meaning and i love the fact that such words exist. like 'love'. their meanings are so simple but they can mean so much to any person and they can also mean so much more than you can hope to imagine. but i still abhor the word...................
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