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A former college adjunct & grad student with 13 years of classroom experience, I've shifted to secondary...tenure track work is just easier to find. BUT the major impetus was that I spent 13 years wondering why my Freshmen couldn't read non-fiction with any degree of competency, no matter the district they came from. I see the remediation courses at college-level as little more than a money grab, especially since college teaching requires no certification/specialization AN colleges are using too many adjuncts. Our children deserve better: to learn the basics for free (K-12). I like CCSS for ELA with some exceptions, categorization of reading and writing types is too vague, and believe the added rigor is a good move. I adore words, love language & literature...and the classroom.
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I just love the mouth-feel...just say it a few times!
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AAAAARGH! The students overuse this, ignoring the myriad other ways to be more specific. I loathe "In the text it states.." also. STOP teaching that! Use "They Say/I Say" stems for using quotes...I BEG you!
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"The habit of sardonic contemplation is the hardest of all to break."
- Angela Carter

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