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1.“can adapt to any situation. I thrive in a fluctuating environment and I transform unexpected obstacles into stepping stones for achievements.”
2.“consistently innovates to create value. I find opportunities where other people see none: I turn ideas into projects, and projects into serial success.”
3.“has a very creative mind. I always have a unique perspective when approaching an issue due to my broad range of interests and hobbies. Creativity is the source of differentiation and therefore, at the root of competitive advantage.”
4.“always has an eye on my target. I endeavour to deliver high-quality work on time, every time. Hiring me is the only real guarantee for results.”
5.“knows this job inside and out. With many years of relevant experience, there is no question whether I will be efficient on the job. I can bring the best practices to the company.”
6.“has a high level of motivation to work here. I have studied the entire company history and observed its bus
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to convey feelings of gratitude to hold responsible, a grateful feeling or acknowledgment of a kindness, favor, or the like, expressed by words or otherwise. Indeed, all praises are for Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala. We praise Him, we seek His help, we seek His forgiveness, and we seek refuge in Allah from the evils of our souls and our evil actions. Whosoever Allah guides then none can misguide and whosoever Allah misguides then none can guide aright. I bear witness that none has the right to be
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These adjectives mean not disposed to exertion, work, or activity: too lazy to wash the dishes; fainéant aristocrats; an idle drifter; an indolent hanger-on; slothful employees.Being lazy can be a very unhealthy way to live life. Perhaps worst of all, it's very easy to fall into a pattern of being consistently lazy and unmotivated. How you manage your time and what you do with it now will affect you later on in life, so read some of the tips below on how to stop being lazy and start being more p
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