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My favorite lesson at school is Science, my least favorite lesson is drama. I don't like wearing skirts and I prefer wearing blue jeans. Springtime is my favorite season, and turquoise and marine blue my favorite colors. I love astronomy. I don't like using computers and phones, and don't like wearing jewelry or make-up. I'm a Harry Potter addict, and my favorite characters are Severus Snape. Professor Minerva McGonagall, and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson!). I like cats, wolves and owls, along with Phoenixes, Runespoors, Jobberknolls, Mooncalves, Occamies, and Thunderbirds. Athletism is my favorite sport, and I enjoy walking in forests. I hate millipedes, eggplants, hard rock music, and for some reasons, I don't like Unicorns. I love pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas, pencils and mangoes. I like reading. I enjoy writing when I choose to do so, but I hate when I have to do writing assignments for school. I passed my French brevet last year, and I have the IGCSE exam this year.
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Favorite Word:

'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' is actually my favorite word, (but it doesn't exist in some dictionaries) because it shows that absurd and nonsense words can still have a place in the English language. Hello Mary Poppins! I also like the words: knoll (it is weird and quirky and funny for me), miscellaneous, conundrum, meticulous, queer, magick (not magic though, it sounds to much like 'white bunny in a hat' kind of magic, magick makes me think of Harry Potter kind of magic), and amorphous.

Least Favorite Word:

It's too simple and boring to my liking, and I don't like words with 'oul' together except for 'soul'.