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Precision in communication is a value I hold dearly. Knowing whether to use "continual" rather than "continous;" or why "nauseous" is not correct but "nauseated" is: this precise application of the one million words we enjoy in English is emblematic, I hope, of someone who values the written and spoken word and tries continually to improve his or her command of words, meanings and usages.

I am a Boomer whose vocation for three decades has been finance and mortgage banking. I love to teach, speak, blog and read. I love to measure, assess and test politicians' words and promises.

Hobbies include travel, golf and reading. Music, including loading and rearranging my iPod tunes, is important to me.

A great joy for me is discovering something I didn't know--a frequent occurrence! I love to research any topic about which I have only superficial knowledge--hence, I generally do well in a Trivia game.

I am a Tennessean by birth and a Texan by choice.

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The word seems to me to be onomatopoeic. And it has that delicious quality of being "slightly more than the occasion demands"--why use "riddle" or "puzzle" when "conundrum" is so readily available?
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"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches."
- King Solomon (Proverbs 22:1)

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