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My name is Gene. I realize you probably have significant amount
of referrals. To be perfect true to myself as well Visual Thesaurus.
I have a absolute zero intention of refering this "Linguist Weapon"
to any adult, especially Bureaucrats. I will share it with my
friends to share with their children, "the power of the tongue". I
would envision the archetype of brain function. Its as if the
synapses(dots)are firing electrical charges. A metaphor of
connecting the dots. Give me six months on this weapon.
When your a small developer and into Historical Resortation.
In my area, most strucures are masonary circa 1900 or so. America
has woke up. DC has finally relized that these "Masonary Icons"
are as good GOLD. But my Frienemies, that have -s-e-r-v-e-d their
egos. Instead on the greater good, Visual Thesaurus levels the
play field. Thank You Gene.
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I am a contrarian. My critics see slums. I see lost worlds. This creates a paradox for "the herd" to chew on. Most have not a clue. It must be a paradox. If is not, it is obvious to the plagiarist. Public Grant "eaters" arrive late. Being a paradox its screams of truth. Chain your self to the bricks an mortar. Because the Government Earmarks, that empower your frienemies. They must crush the trial blazer. I like the word contrarian: a thought or action that is contrary to accepted opinion.
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People that hate you for your success. Twist your enthusiasm, so you appear to be a braggart. Rather sharing your passion about projects. Capitalism can survive if CO-OP's & ESOP's managed by men of character.(character: is what you do when no one watches) My Finacial & Intellectual Holocaust. My reckoning would be the taking of the hand. Schadenfreude: people that gloat as the tide goes against you.
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""Make No Little Plans, They Have no Magic to Stir Men's Blood" I believe time cyclical not linear. One hundred (continued)scroll down> years ago, The Chicago Lake Front (water front). It was, a once, every century decision. Today its one of the most beautiful views approaching Ohare Airport. The now-Legendary- "Gold Coast""
- Danial H. Burman 1911

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