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favorite food: Teriyaki Chicken
favorite website: Soundcloud.com
favorite video game: Geometry Dash
Favorite movie: Ouija

I WILL WRECK YOU ALL! MY VOCABULARY IS THE SIZE OF THE WORLD!!!!! (well, actually it's bigger.)

TCHANG RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love emojis!
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yo say yo!! know my fame, know that you're lame, i'm the rapping EPIC R! 100 tails, hundred flails jinchuriki YO!!! 4 fights coming up it could get rocky, the first challenger is Naruto Uzumaki! Right from the top he's a worthy opponent! but compared to me he's not even a component YEAH!!!! Next fight coming up is might guy, quick and fast like a butterfly, but if he fights me he will die. Last fight coming up he's down right cocky! Kisame Hoshigaki! He's vicious like a shark but im hisPATRIARCH
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Least Favorite Word:

YO! this word is so sad, it makes me mad YO! I'm the rapping, snapping EPIC R YO! 100 tails 100 flails jinchuriki! I mean who uses the word O, this words so lame it has to go! you know u know!!!! Me and hundred tails will lose, NEVER! We'll be undefeated till the ends of Forever yo!
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