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I'm a 47 year old woman who's been divorced since 1994. I was a battered wife so I know a lot about depression and being imprisoned in my mind and in my home. After my divorce, I din't trust anybody at all! So I began mentoring myself at home with the help of the Holy Spirit. It was at that time that I began writing, and fighting to help women who were worse off that myself find a way out of depression, sadness, low self esteem, Adn just the feeling of not being able to feel the desire to set and or acomplish goals. I believe in myself, and I try and help Other women believe in themselves, also children. I really like working with children because they are always forgoten or left behind because adults don't or din't like to listen to children. But I believe we can learn alot from children because they always have interesting thigns to say. I also ask children the meaning of words of what they think a word means you'd be surprised to hear the meaning that children come up with ........
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because it's my new car's name, and i think honey is such a pretty color. It reminds of my daughter when she was a child watchung winnie the poo. My mom nicked named her poo bear. So when I got my new car I named her yellow honey. It also reminds me of what bears like to eat, I also like honey in my coffee and my tea ot give it a soothing taste. Honey has a taste all its own, it stands in a class all by itself. Well that's all I have to say about the word honey, It's much diifrent than syrup
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Depression is a prison of the mind, once it gets in your head it's very hard to get it out. It's a tool to keep a person from finding their self worth, I dislike depression because it victemized me for many years. I had to by the grace of God fight my way back from it.It goes with abuse, it's aslo a tool that an abuser uses to keep control of his/her victem. I'm working hard to save women and children from that terrible tool that has been used so many times and on so many people to imprison them
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