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I was born in Russia but I came to the western United States due to my father being born here, quickly though he and my mother divorced and my mother and I fell on hard times. After a year or so her and I were living comfortably in apartments that we couldn't pay rent for, haha we would always leave the day before the money was owed. Moving across America we ironically under up staying in the same town my father lived. For a long time I went by my mothers name of Markovich, but my drunk deadbeat of a father decided to bring the law into it and forcibly my name was changed to Simplot. I hated and resented the man with every cell in my body. I was nothing like him. I got old enough to get a good job and so because of the court my mother and I couldn't leave and settle down any where else then that town till I'm 18. I stopped going to his house against the law and nothing happened. Eventually I met the love of my life and I hope to ask her to marry me in two years or so, she's so amazing.
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To be united is to have allies and friends who will watch your back. To have unity with ones self is to be in tune with your body and understand what any problems are internally, diet and work out your body so it is great shape. To be united is to know you can count on whoever or whatever it is, as long as you do your part and keep the unity strong and stable. Unity through the world is what I hope to see some day as there will be no war and no more violence as we a people and species stride on.
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My girlfriend was rapped a long time ago and so I'm very sensitive about any one even speaking the word. I believe that rape is the ultimate crime and those who commit such acts deserve the most torturous punishment ever conceivable. It is the act of overpowering a person which is terrible in and of itself. The rest is unspeakable less I have something to burn or smash! I hate people who even think about it. Sick disgusting people who should have there reproductive organs torn off and beat also.
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