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If you know someone who is deeply fond of brilliant speakers of the English language, think of me also. If you know someone who is excited about life, think of me also. If you know someone is adventurous and tenacious, think of me also.
I am currently a part-time, mechanical engineering, freshmen student at a community college and a full-time HVAC Techician for Commercial HVAC company.
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Compassion is my favorite word because it captures the essense of life. A wonderful Life is just not only lived with just "passion" but also lived with "compassion"
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Least Favorite Word:

Arrogance is my least favorite word because it is the enemy of the compassionate humility that I long to have. Arrogance:the absolute impediment to wellness or wholeness.

Favorite Quote:

"Philosophy is written in this grand book-I mean the universe-which stands continually open to our gaze,but it cannot be understood unless one first learn to comprehend the language and interpret the character in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics... without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it."
- Galileo Galilei(1564-1642)

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"Novel" Gazing
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Messier Objects
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