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I am a self-described student and scholar of the mind and universe. I believe in the interconnection of all things, and that the way to enlightenment is the fluency of my intelligence, which I prize. That fluency, I feel, depends heavily on a robust and rich vocabulary.

My favorite word is 'eunoia'. My lifestyle centers around the art of epiphany and exploring the far reaches of thought. Eunoia refers to beautiful thinking - that pleasant look written on the face of someone who's far away in a daydream. It is also the satisfaction an audience feels when a speaker lands a heartfelt truth.

My least favorite words is 'like'. Human connection has been reduced to a cheap currency, the Facebook Likes. It bleeds into spoken word to patch the broken tracks of fluent thinking: "It's like...incredibly unnecessary." I believe in metaphor and Truth in all things, and 'like' is a safe word for noncommittal feelings and correspondence - the simile. Things are not like other things, they are.
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