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I am inspired by knowing that I am unconditionally Loved…. Loved by my self, by God, and by my family and friends. I am passionate about growth and the understanding of my reason for being. I love the ocean, soft white fluffy clouds and amazing blue sky’s. I’m a kid at heart, A goof ball by nature and a hopeless romantic. I love to make people smile when they’re down, happy when they’re sad, and move when they’re stagnant. The fuel for my existence is not found in a monetary sense, it is found in hearing a simple “thank you, I really appreciate that” when I can help someone. Three parts good guy, One part bad guy (my alter ego), Constant thinker, Big Dreamer, and huge go getter. Driven by passion and sustained by gratitude. I am a consummate lover of life. (All in a nutshell)

If that sounded a little like a personals ad, it’s not, because I am already in a hot, steamy, amazing relationship with life!
~Devan Martinez
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"The weight of carrying someone else's happiness does not rest upon your shoulders. True happiness can only be maintained within ourselves, and if we foolishly assume that we are strong enough to balance someone else's load, then sooner or later someone's heart will be crushed by the pressure."
- Devan Martinez

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