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I just retired from a 35 year teaching career. I taught Visual Art at every level, K-College...and everything from drawing, design,painting, sculpture, ceramics, artmetals, art for elementary teachers, to ending my career in Graphic Design. Whew! Now it is ME time. With a lovely new grandchild to enjoy, a tiny cottage on a quiet lake up north, I am discovering the painter in me. I am trying to enjoy each moment, but focus on painting each day. If I hadn't become an art teacher, I would have been an English teacher because I love words. My mother was a word-a-holic and played a mean game of scrabble until she died at it is in my blood to love words. My son has invented a new word, that I love. It is PATHOFERY. It means hijinks, shenanigans ...and what have you! If you have ever been with a bunch of teenagers, you will see a lot of pathofery going on! I joined this because I wanted to use a VISUAL thesaurus. Visual Art was our first language!
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I chose "friendship" out of a lot of favorites because it encompasses so many visual possibilities; our ship of friends, the act of being a friend, being inclusive, unbroken circles. I also like words that are nouns, but require action to come to life and truly exist. So, it is not a mindblowing odd word...just an ordinary word we use freely and daily. But, if you think about the impact of "friendship" in this screwed up world, it is a much needed action word.
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This word is used against women, and usually in anger or vulgarity. It dredges up all the animosity and distaste a person can muster toward a female, and it is even a vile word to say. It has the harsh "k" and the "t" to spit it out, and while it may be used toward men too, it refers to the female genitalia in a most disrespectful way. I realize that with constant use, just like "fuck", it will come into the language more and more, but I cringe everytime I hear it. It is vulgar.
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""If you don't like the dance, change the steps.""
- My therapist when I was going through my midlife crisis.